It’s Aliiiiive…Pt 2 (or so)

On Thursday I ordered an OpenTracker+ from Argent Data System. I couldn’t believe it with yesterday being Good Friday but it arrived in the mail today. From CA no less!

It took me about an hour to assemble. I realized after I’d already connected it to my FT-8800 that I hadn’t done a power check of the IC socket. Whoops. Oh well. I didn’t let any smoke out.

Seems to be working like a champ. I only configured it for a quick smoke test. As you can see below I have a mixed status. This image actually shows the last update from my TinyTrak. However, it’s added the comment I put in to indicate it’s coming from the OT+. I guess it just appended it to an existing entry. That sort of surprised me but it does seem to be working.

OpenTracker Initial Update

I’ll put the radio in the unit in the truck tomorrow to see if it tracks like it’s supposed to. I really hope this unit works with the M120 since I still haven’t been able to get the TinyTrak to work with it.

One thing about soldering so close to bedtime is that I think I’ll sleep good. :-P

I also did a little work on the rotator issue. I pulled the Hy-Gain Ham IV rotator that I have and put connectors on the cable coming out of the rotator and a small section of cable to the controller. I powered it on and it buzzes when I hit the break release but nothing seems to move when I try to turn it either direction. I’ll have to play with it more tomorrow. I was too anxious to put the OT together so I didn’t troubleshoot it any.

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