Back On The Air!

It’s been so long I can’t even remember the last time I was really on the air (HF at least). I think I’ve turned my radio on once since last June and that was only to make an announcement of a friend’s passing. Since someone else made it first I didn’t even key the mic.

Now that I have resigned from the position as Emergency Coordinator for Duval County ARES it’s time to dust the cobwebs off. Tonight I fired up the radio after replacing my wire antenna this weekend and in less than 15 minutes made contact with the 13 Colonies special event station K2J (W4MPS) in North Carolina. I’m trying the others but since this is the last day the poor ops are getting slammed! :)

13 Colonies K2J Report

*** UPDATE ***
Picked up two more stations! Calling it a night since the event was extended until 7/8. This really has been exactly what I needed to help re-kind my amateur radio spirit.

13 Colonies K2D Report

13 Colonies K2I Report

*** 2nd UPDATE ***
Ok, I was having too much fun. Picked up K2K in NH. Thanks, Fred!
13 Colonies K2K Report

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